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Tuition - Luca Celano

English and Continental melodeon styles. Experienced professional musician and teacher based in Brighton, Sussex. All ages and abilities catered for. Music BA graduate, CRB checked. Individually tailored teaching materials put online at http://bellowsandstrings. for pupils to use in their own time. Contact Luca on 07906608819 or

Tuition - Richard Overton

Richard Overton is an experienced exponent of the diatonic accordion and has worked with the East Anglian Music Trusts' Melodeons and More event, Broadstairs Folk Week, IVFDF and a number of private clients. He is an experienced tutor with experience of working with students from beginner to advanced level. Based in Suffolk / Essex border.

Tuition - George Garside

DG melodeon, BC ,BCC# & continental chromatic button accordion & piano accordion. Based Anglesey but will travel for group tuition/workshops. Author of 'DG Melodeon - a Crash Course for Beginners'. Advice on all box related matters freely available. George Garside 01248 852508

Tuition - Rees Wesson

Two row or single row melodeon. English, Continental, Zydeco styles. Professional musician based in Wales/Shropshire Borders, but will travel anywhere - or you can come to me! One-to-one or workshop tuition. Previous clients include Sidmouth Festival, East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, Gleanings - Shropshire and Hands On Music (Melodeons at Witney). Contact Rees Wesson on 07980 258038 or e-mail:

Tuition - Issy Emeney

Professional musician and experienced melodeon tutor based in Cheddar, Somerset. Individuals and small groups, plus occasional organised workshops

Tuition - Ray Langton

One, two and three row English style individual melodeon tuition based in North Shropshire. Have run workshops at Broadstairs, Sidmouth, Towersey, Loughborough, Beverley, Gate to Southwell, Oxford and Whitby. Also for Festivals, Schools and Events ‘Mini Melodeons’ for up to 20 children (8+) and also taster sessions for adult complete beginners on specially adapted mini melodeons (up to 20 people at a time). Regular schools work in Shropshire see website contact

Tuition - Matt Swindlehurst

Melodeon tuition available in West Somerset/North Devon with experienced qualified teacher. Ceilidh band player for 20 years and Morris musician for 30!

Tuition - Chris Hall

Cajun and Zydeco tuition on 1 row 2 row and 3 row. Experienced player and tutor. One to one, workshops and internet based apps. Based in Derby UK. Also covering related genres like Rock n Roll and Blues improvisation Workshops at many festivals and regular internet user including zoom/ skype etc. Techniques, fundamentals, music theory or tunes. or 07702 564804

Melodeon Tuition in Devon with Ed Rennie

One to one melodeon tuition at your home. Absolute beginners to advanced level. Ed’s unique notation method makes the course suitable for music readers and non readers alike. Melodeon hire available with lessons for those who wish to learn but don’t have access to an instrument. Ed Rennie is author of The Melodeon Tutor.

Tuition - Melanie Biggs

Just bought a melodeon and don’t know where to start with it? Or have you been plugging away at it for a while and are struggling to get both ends working together in harmony? Melodemon Melodeon Tuition offers friendly, one-to-one D/G 2-row melodeon teaching and guidance, aimed at absolute beginners to improver standard players. Online tuition offered via Skype. To make a booking, or for more details, please get in touch with Melanie Biggs: 07969060394 Based in Worcestershire, West Midlands. Share what you know. Learn what you don’t.

Tuition - Kitty Greenwood

Learn to play DG melodeon with expert guidance from a professional musician and specialist folk teacher. Once you've learned the basics you can join Kitty's popular and sociable 'Play it By Ear' evening classes. Explore the instrument to its full depths, learning purely by ear or with full understanding of notation and chord theory. Testimonials: 'I struggled trying to teach myself for a couple of years, then booked a few lessons with Kitty. I so wish I'd done that from the start! Before I was just pushing buttons, now I feel I'm playing music and understanding some of the theory behind it all. I could never have made that leap on my own.' Dave G 'Your workshops are brilliant, and as a total beginner, I very much appreciate being given such a good start. So much more to learn !!' Jenny W Tel: 01584 841564 (near Ludlow, Shropshire)

The Melodeon Tutor (Book, DVD and CD) by Ed Rennie

Starting from absolute beginners the step by step approach takes you through the mysteries of playing the D/G melodeon all the way to advanced techniques playing in C major and A Major. There is no need to be able to read music with this book as Ed has devised a unique numbering system to get you playing from the start. It’s also handy for explaining the more complicated fingering patterns. Many who have been taught by Ed have inadvertently learned how to read music as a by-product of this system! This 54 page book comes with a 42 track CD, so you can hear what things are supposed to sound like. It also comes with a DVD of 30 video clips with right and left hand techniques shown in close up. Sometimes the written word just isn’t enough.


Streb for sale

STREB DIGITAL MELODEON two and a half rows and with 12 bass. In excellent condition and excellent working order. This has never been out of my smoke free house and is virtually devoid of any scratches and certainly has no damage at all. It is not the first design made but perhaps the second. It is upgradeable to the latest software at a cost of £200. The new price of this Streb is £1750 and Steve Rouse told me last week there is at least an 18 month waiting list. I am open to sensible offers. I am located in Derbyshire if you would like to view or try, or I can send you a small video and some photos if you email me a request to Alan Squires ...


D/G Castagnari Giordy melodeon

Wanted. Castagnari Giordy D/G in good condition?

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