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Castagnari Max in C

Castagnari Max in C, very nice clean instrument, tuned up in the last year and hardly used since due to wrist injury. Hard case and single strap, also for those who are getting into Cajun a tutor booklet and 3 CD's by Big Nick. Can send photos and sound clips. Situated on the Isle of Wight but can pick up from the Southampton/Cowes ferry. Price £1200 plus postage which will be whoever you chose. 07707297697 or (May 2017)

For Sale

SALTARELLE 'BERRY' D/G MELODEON 21 Treble and 8 Bass notes. One treble stop. One bass stop. 3 voices. Swing tuned, (each note has two reeds swing tuned to middle octave, and the third reed tuned an octave lower). Low notes rather than accidentals Saltarelle hard case and straps. It has had little use, and as well as looking great it plays beautifully. £895.00 or v.n.o (I recently saw a second hand one priced at £1200,00 reduced from £1400.00) TWO ROW BUTTON MELODEON Lovely old - St. Louis, USA - two row. I'm not sure which are the keys it plays in, but it has a lovely mellow tone. The bellows are in excellent condition as is the whole box.. With strap; but no case. £230.00 or v.n.o HOHNER 'BLACK DOT' DOUBLE RAY MELODEON B/C This German melodeon (not Chinese) is as new and is in a spotless condition. It has only been played a few times since new, and is in its original box that it came in. £400.00 (over £600.00 to buy new) Bruce Syddell 01449 673461 or e-mail (March 2015)

For Sale - Tim Edey's Castagnari Dinn ii

Hello folks, Tim Edey here. I have a few boxes these days after many years of collecting varied ones that I have used to tour and record with. A Castagnari Dinn ii which was purchased new in year circa 1999 and dry tuned and in B/C tuning, very well used+played in, however great sounding and with plenty of life for a a beginner or pro alike in it yet. It comes with the original Castagnari case and I am selling because; 1. I never play it, 2. I now play a 3 row box and find the Dinn too small for my liking. Bad points and I am totally honest with these; it needs a bass reed fixing (simple job id think as just one reed not sounding), left hand strap metal lower bracket went years ago during a concert and I just have tied it with strong string but you could easily get a proper clip/bracket done, it has usual wear n tear from an instrument that has been used on the road+in planes, trains etc few scratches, couple of hairline cracks that were professionally repaired but as I say does play great, sounds cool and is a lot less than buying a new one:) I would be looking for around £1,400 (or best offer) and you can collect in person in Perth, Scotland or I can post in the UK for an extra £25 and elsewhere for little bit more I suspect. I have made a short video of the box and you can see that here so you can see it and hear it. My best wishes Tim:) email or facebook me for more info; (June 2014)

For Sale - Jeffries

Jeffries 58 key Duet Concertina Restored in late 1970's by Steve Dickinson including new 7 fold bellows. In good condition. Little played and in what appears to be the original leather box. £2900 or near offer. Contact - (March 2017)

Beltuna Sara 3

Beltuna Sara 3 in Padouk. A mano reeds. As new, virtually unused. Bought, but too heavy as I have permanently dislocate left shoulder due to destroyed rotor cuff muscles. 3 voice, stop in treble end to remove low reeds, and in bass end to remove thirds. Quality Italian hard case. Box located in Shropshire. £2000. These are £2900 new. Douglas Darter (Nov 2016)

Sandpiper Dunlin 111 for sale

Sandpiper Dunlin 111, tuned in D/,G 4th button start . Cherry wood construction. Italian reeds, fine tuned by Mike Rowbotham. Purchased 14 months ago from the Music Room for a lot more than I am selling. I am a B/C player and thought I would give the D/G system a go but it is not for me. One stop on right hand side to bring in low octave reed to give full 3 voice sound or two voice for sweeter sound without using the stop. One stop on left hand side to take out 3rds if required. Solid ,punchy and light a very versatile box all round. £700. I can be contacted at or mobile 07943321518. (May 2015)

For Sale: Excelsior Chiltern 21 Treble, 3 voice, D/G Melodeon

This Melodeon sounds great, has only some very superficial scratches to the Cherry wood casing and comes complete with the original lined case. A slight modification was made at the time of purchase, namely that a hand carved button was installed in place of the existing air button in order to make the system a little more comfortable for the left hand thumb. The original button is in the case and can be very simply re-installed. I am no Melodeon player (professional guitarist instead), I had envisaged learning but have not had time to really get to grips with the instrument in any meaningful way, would love to hang on to this instrument but it is too good to be kept as an ornament! Currently these boxes are retailing at around £1800, this box is nearly mint so I'm asking for £1350 or near offer. I'm based in South East London, very happy to arrange viewing and chance to try out. Will organise delivery etc by agreement. Contact Chris on 07861 214723 or email me at (July 2014)

For Sale: Little used Hohner Erica A/D

Little used Hohner Erica A/D. Red. v.g.c. in hard case £350 or reasonable offer. Free postage UK Contact John P, on 01273 502 833 or text mobile 078 66 82 75 39. Or email (Sept 2014).

Stephanelli in D/G

Stephanelli two row beginners melodeon in D/G. Good beginners box in good used condition, £250. Contact Mark (April 2016)

For Sale: Hohner Club III M, C/F

For Sale: Hohner Club III M, C/F. An old German model: 3 voice, 5 couplers (black and white), de-clubbed treble, club-style bass, half row designed by me with British and Western European music in mind (diagram available), reeds were tuned up professionally a few years ago, might benefit from a little tune-up but plays perfectly well, hard case with one fastener that needs fixing, 2 shoulder straps. I’d like £400 but feel free to haggle. It looks and sounds more or less like this (but isn't this one): Located in Preston, Lancashire. Contact James – (July 2014)

Lilly C/F Castagnari melodeon for sale

Lilly C/F Castagnari melodeon for sale. It is hardly used and comes with a hard case. Offers to Lisa at or 07504092081 (Sept 2014)

Restored Hohner Liliput CF GD or flat boxes

If you are interested in restored Hohner Liliput CF GD or flat boxes. modern 440 htz. Straight CF or flat box £500 or conversion to GD by famous restorer £850 then drop me a line. or 07778615384 (Feb 2016)


Tuition - East Anglian Traditional Music Trust

English single-row style and repertoire tuition, from absolute beginners to experienced. Have tutored at Sidmouth & Cornwall festivals, Melodeons at Witney (97,99, 02), Folk South West, Shropshire Folk Arts, St Albans Folk and East Anglian Traditional Music Trust. Based in Suffolk, but travel widely, together with a bank of single-row melodeons if required. Contact Katie Howson, New">TUITION: The East Anglian Traditional Music Trust runs regular evening classes in Suffolk/Norfolk area, and an annual workshop day, 'Melodeons in Mid Suffolk'. Contact EATMT,

Tuition - Richard Overton

Richard Overton is an experienced exponent of the diatonic accordion and has worked with the East Anglian Music Trusts' Melodeons and More event, Broadstairs Folk Week, IVFDF and a number of private clients. He is an experienced tutor with experience of working with students from beginner to advanced level. Based in Suffolk / Essex border.

Tuition - George Garside

DG melodeon, BC ,BCC# & continental chromatic button accordion & piano accordion. Based Anglesey but will travel for group tuition/workshops. Author of 'DG Melodeon - a Crash Course for Beginners'. Advice on all box related matters freely available. George Garside 01248 852508

Tuition - Rees Wesson

Two row or single row melodeon. English, Continental, Zydeco styles. Professional musician based in Wales/Shropshire Borders, but will travel anywhere - or you can come to me! One-to-one or workshop tuition. Previous clients include Sidmouth Festival, East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, Gleanings - Shropshire and Hands On Music (Melodeons at Witney). Contact Rees Wesson on 07980 258038 or e-mail:

Tuition - Issy Emeney

Professional musician and experienced melodeon tutor based in Cheddar, Somerset. Individuals and small groups, plus occasional organised workshops

Tuition - Matt Swindlehurst

Melodeon tuition available in West Somerset/North Devon with experienced qualified teacher. Ceilidh band player for 20 years and Morris musician for 30!

Tuition - Melanie Biggs

Just bought a melodeon and don’t know where to start with it? Or have you been plugging away at it for a while and are struggling to get both ends working together in harmony? Melodemon Melodeon Tuition offers friendly, one-to-one D/G 2-row melodeon teaching and guidance, aimed at absolute beginners to improver standard players. Online tuition offered via Skype. To make a booking, or for more details, please get in touch with Melanie Biggs: 07969060394 Based in Worcestershire, West Midlands. Share what you know. Learn what you don’t.

Melodeon Tuition in Devon with Ed Rennie

One to one melodeon tuition at your home. Absolute beginners to advanced level. Ed’s unique notation method makes the course suitable for music readers and non readers alike. Melodeon hire available with lessons for those who wish to learn but don’t have access to an instrument. Ed Rennie is author of The Melodeon Tutor.

Tuition - Chris Hall

Accordion tuition on single row Cajun model. Based in East Midlands. Plays with R.Cajun/Bearcats/Cajun Roosters. Session work with Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman, Kate Bush, Mike Harding. Worked at many festivals. Can teach Cajun, Zydeco and related styles such as blues and rock n roll. Call Chris Hall on 01332 332336 or email

Tuition - Luca Celano

English and Continental melodeon styles. Experienced professional musician and teacher based in Brighton, Sussex. All ages and abilities catered for. Music BA graduate, CRB checked. Individually tailored teaching materials put online at http://bellowsandstrings. for pupils to use in their own time. Contact Luca on 07906608819 or

The Melodeon Tutor (Book, DVD and CD) by Ed Rennie

Starting from absolute beginners the step by step approach takes you through the mysteries of playing the D/G melodeon all the way to advanced techniques playing in C major and A Major. There is no need to be able to read music with this book as Ed has devised a unique numbering system to get you playing from the start. It’s also handy for explaining the more complicated fingering patterns. Many who have been taught by Ed have inadvertently learned how to read music as a by-product of this system! This 54 page book comes with a 42 track CD, so you can hear what things are supposed to sound like. It also comes with a DVD of 30 video clips with right and left hand techniques shown in close up. Sometimes the written word just isn’t enough.

Tuition - Ray Langton

One, two and three row English style individual melodeon tuition based in North Shropshire. Have run workshops at Broadstairs, Sidmouth, Towersey, Loughborough, Beverley, Gate to Southwell, Oxford and Whitby. Also for Festivals, Schools and Events ‘Mini Melodeons’ for up to 20 children (8+) and also taster sessions for adult complete beginners on specially adapted mini melodeons (up to 20 people at a time). Regular schools work in Shropshire see website contact


Wanted - Castagnari Hascy in BC.

New or second hand. (Oct 2013).

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